Excessive logging from inventory closing /recalculation

In my previous post, I stated that InventSumLogTTS table is not updated after related inventory transaction was physically posted. I was totally wrong. In a while I had to make some performance tuning for a couple of installations, which suffered from bad inventory closing performance and overall conflicts between inventory closing and regular user work. […]

Net requirements update in MRP Module and Working Set of MRP

Most of Dynamics AX specialists (especially from support) heard about inventSumLogTTS table. Everyone knows that this table somehow is related to MRP; Everyone knows that if you do not run MRP, your inventSumLogTTS table grows bigger and bigger and eventually you need to clean it somehow.  But since detailed documentation on static/dynamic plan update algorithms […]

Two stories about inventory closing and SQL Locks

Story #1: update_recordset considered harmfull. Recently, I was invited to a customer who had started to use Inventory Closing functionality about a month ago. They were using DAX2009 with recent rollup 7. Every time when they were running inventory closing, the system locked all (or at least – most of the) inventTrans records, safely preventing […]

Multithreaded MRP and related issues

Today, I will share some experience related to setting up and fine tuning MRP for best performance. The most significant MRP-related improvement of DAX2009 over older versions is an ability to execute MRP in multi-threaded mode, when planning process is spread over several independent processes executed in parallel. As usual, multi-threaded execution works only when MRP is executed in […]

Ledger Balance Data in DAX

I remembering the first time when our team was developing a solution which was supposed to quickly calculate the GL balance for specific GL Account/Dimension combination. It was 2001 and we were developing the cost allocation functionality. We just started to work with Axapta 2.1, so – our first approach was simply to calculate a […]

Tracing in Dynamics AX 4 and 2009

I’ve spent considerable time trying to figure out how tracing works in newer versions of Dynamics AX. Although manual for Trace Parsers seems to be quite satisfactory on topics related to analysis of collected trace, it is pretty terse on the topic of trace collection and setting up; Dynamics AX Performance Team log has two […]