Excessive logging from inventory closing /recalculation

In my previous post, I stated that InventSumLogTTS table is not updated after related inventory transaction was physically posted. I was totally wrong. In a while I had to make some performance tuning for a couple of installations, which suffered from bad inventory closing performance and overall conflicts between inventory closing and regular user work. […]

Two stories about inventory closing and SQL Locks

Story #1: update_recordset considered harmfull. Recently, I was invited to a customer who had started to use Inventory Closing functionality about a month ago. They were using DAX2009 with recent rollup 7. Every time when they were running inventory closing, the system locked all (or at least – most of the) inventTrans records, safely preventing […]

Costing and inventory closing

Article on Inventory closing and costing has been published. It is a translation from Russian original, first published 2+ years ago in my old blog (http://blogs.technet.com/denisfed/). The translation generally retained info from the old article, but has been cleaned from some peculiarities of Russian accounting and Russian localization of Dynamics AX.