History of inventory locking in DAX

I’ve just translated and published my old article on the history of the inventory data locking in Dynamics AX. Well – It was written as a kind of sales driver for Dynamics AX 4.0, because improvement in inventory locking was the only actually useful improvement of DAX 4.0 against DAX 3.0. 🙂 Maybe this article is not that actual by now, because most of customers has moved to DAX 4.0 already, but it can be useful for developers and architects to understand the history and reasoning for the current approach to inventory on-hand data locking and update…

Costing and inventory closing

Article on Inventory closing and costing has been published. It is a translation from Russian original, first published 2+ years ago in my old blog (http://blogs.technet.com/denisfed/). The translation generally retained info from the old article, but has been cleaned from some peculiarities of Russian accounting and Russian localization of Dynamics AX.